Cast & Crew

Written and Directed By

Trey Parker

Created By

Trey Parker
Matt Stone

Executive Producers

Trey Parker
Matt Stone
Anne Garefino
Frank C. Agnone II

Assistant to the Executive Producers

Carly Price

Associate Producers

Kurt Nickels
Gary Martinez


Trey Parker
Matt Stone
April Stewart
Mona Marshall

South Park Theme Song:
Original Music By

Jamie Dunlap

Additional music
written and performed by

Trey Parker
Matt Stone
Bruce Howell

Line Producer

Daryl Sancton

Production Manager

Elyse Ramsdell

Production Accountant

Kirstin Moser

Assistant Production Accountant

Valeska Difrieri

Office Manager

Tina Middleton

Production Coordinator

Marc Flores

Production Assistants

Jenna Ajlouny
Michael Gibson


Gian Ganziano
David List
Nate Pellettieri


Jamie Dunlap

Sound Engineer

Lydia Quidilla

Sound Editor

D.A. Young

Post-Production Supervisors

John A. Hansen Jr
Bejamin Paine

Script Supervisor

Mark Munley

Post-Production Producer

Bruce Howell

Storyboard Producer

Adrien Beard

Storyboard Artists

Greg Postma
Keo Thongkham
Hannah Friesen
David Brown
Shaina Reyes
Charis Patton
Robert Gilliam

Animation Producers

Eric Stough
Jack Shih

Director of Animation

Jenny Yu

Lead Technical Director

Winnie Ro

Key Animator

Andrew B. Rhoades


Andy Arett
Oliver De Guia
Lesley Hur
Neil Ishimine
Dave Koch
Jason Lopez
John Luciano
Scott Oberholtzer
Johnathan Eden
Edgar Tellez

Technical Directors

Kristian Boeker
Brian Carter
Blake Metzer
John Kujawa
Peder Lester
Byron Lopez
Bruna Menezes White
Will Meyer
Daniel Patao
Johnny Sweeney
Daniel Patao
Dave Horowitz
Kris Yeung


Mark Dietel


J.J. Franzen

Chief Engineer

Vernon Harveaux

Pipeline Developer

John Spence

Pipeline Engineer

John Rhoads

Systems Administrator

Rick Duncan

Lip Sync Supervisors

James Dion
Anthony Sant'Anselmo
Jonathan Robert

Lip Sync Artist

Eddie Alvarado

Main Title Design by

Imaginary Forces

Music Clearance

Sessing Music Services

South Park Digital Studios

Chris "Crispy" Brion
Todd Benson
Camila Carvalho
Ali Abedi
Vanessa Lin
Erick Thorpe
Scott Iasillo
Jacob Glaser
Grace Low

Special Thanks

Deborah Liebling
Kevin Morris
Cynthia Z. Malone
Tim Cannella
Key Code Media, Inc.
Waves Audio
© Steve Boyle/CORBIS
© John Fedele/Blend Images/CORBIS
© Adrianna Williams/CORBIS
© Jim Craigmyle/CORBIS
© Patrik Giardino/CORBIS

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